Take advantage of the roadmap and become a sponsor of the ITRPV


You have the opportunity to use the roadmap for your corporate advertising and become a supporter of the ITRPV.

ITRPV (International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic) is a well known and accepted international technology roadmap for crystalline Si. The ITRPV is not only published on the Internet, but also printed and distributed internationally at photovoltaic conferences and fairs. The printed versions are very welcome, the next Edition, will also be printed.

Use the roadmap for your corporate advertising and become a sponsor of the ITRPV.

There are two sponsor ship options possible:

1. Online support: Your Logo and link to your website on itrpv.org under a special section called "Sponsors".

2. Print support: Your Logo and a short company description in the next printed version of the roadmap.
Please find detailed conditions in the download area.

Are you interested? Please let us know.

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Coordinator ITRPV

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