ITRPV Readiness Questionnaire


ITRPV Readiness Questionnaire - Please return latest August 17, 2020

As last year in summer we plan to update the technology readiness of some of our diagrams in the ITRPV.

To compare our 4 categories for the technology readiness with the international Technology Readiness Level (TRL) we prepared a rough comparison table.

As you may know, the TRL has 9 categories, ranging from category No. 1 for the earliest stage basic research to the category No. 9 for the final ready product.

We use only 4 categories for the tables “Wafer”, “Cell” and “Module”, No. 1 indicates mass production readiness and No. 4 stands for the not known industrial solution. By filling the table please take care of this.

The second important point is that we would like you to fill in the technology readiness as of today for the different parameters, therefore I deleted every year-numbers in the table.

Here is the table of the comparison I choose:

As you know, at the moment there is a big change in wafer dimensions ongoing and in China a decision was made to go for 182 mm x 182 mm as new standard. Therefore we would like to add questions on the implementation of the different wafer sizes in mass production. Only for these questions in the table “Wafer Size in Production” we created a different classification as follows:

Please return the filled excel latest August 17, 2020.

Please respond only with data where you have knowledge in, other please keep empty.

We will prepare the analysis and give the result to you before publishing.