Photovoltaic Production: Publication of the ITRPV Roadmap including Readiness Level

U.C. Boehnke, Leipzig, 2020

Discussion of the maturity level of different technologies in ITRPV is implemented. Diversification of wafer sizes influences technological developments. Input in ITRPV questionnaire possible.

The 12th edition of the International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic (ITRPV) including the discussion of technology maturity has been published. In the roadmap, more than 35 experts along the photovoltaic value chain evaluate the development status of various technologies in the context of photovoltaic production.

The maturity level provides insights into the scope to which new technologies are already being deployed or whether further development work is needed to implement the technology in mass production. A color matrix is used to evaluate selected parameters along the photovoltaic value chain.

Wafer Sizes in the focus of the discussion

The extensive discussions about the developments and the diversification of the wafer formats do not stop. Among the variety of different wafer sizes, the larger formats 182 (+/-0.25) mm² and 210 (+/-0.25) mm² are particularly favored. The size of the corresponding wafers has a significant influence on numerous technological aspects - the silicon consumption, the wafer thickness, the production of the cells and modules as well as the resulting module dimensions.

The throughput of the equipment plays a significant role in reducing the manufacturing costs of photovoltaics.

An evaluation of the technology maturity level of the throughput in cell production shows that the readiness level of the throughputs across all process steps is analogous for the sizes 166 (+/-0.25) mm² and 182 (+/-0.25) mm². In contrast, the readiness level related to the throughputs of cell production of the larger wafer format of 210 (+/-0.25) mm² shows that more development work is required in the future. In general, the throughputs of the chemical processes are leading, followed by the metallization processes. Only the thermal processes show a capacity difference.

The technology maturity level for different parameters is discussed in the 12th Edition of ITRPV. The results can be downloaded free of charge in the download section of the ITRPV website.

A further data collection is planned towards the end of the year for the 13th Edition of the ITRPV. The questions have been finalized with the international ITRPV committee. The questionnaire for the 13th Edition of the ITRPV is available online. We look forward to your input by December 16.