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About ITRPV  

The photovoltaic (PV) industry has to provide power generation products that are competitive to conventional and other renewable sources of energy. Identifying trends and defining requirements for necessary improvements is essential in order to be successful in this competition.

The ITRPV aims to show a path towards a sustainable PV market and give a guideline for the entire crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV supply chain by describing expected technology trends in the field and providing a basis to intensify the dialog on required innovations and standards. This deliver targets for R&D institutes as well as material and equipment suppliers. Covering the PV value chain from crystallisation, wafering and cell processing downstream to module manufacturing, the ITRPV identifies parameters and discusses emerging trends in the c-Si based PV industry that support the PV learning curve.

It has been essential to gather data for the roadmap. The participating companies active along the value chain from crystallization to the building of modules jointly agree on the parameters to be reported in the annual publication. The expected trends for up to 10 years are shown in graphs and for some parameters color marking is used to indicate the maturity of the technology today. 

How to get involved  

The ITRPV is developed by the PV industry for the PV industry.

1. Do you want to get involved with the development of our roadmap?

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